Lecturing in June at 10th AIO International Congress

Lecturing in June at 10th AIO International Congress

I am here to invite you to this amazing event that will take place in Chia, Sardinia, Italy this June! 

Save the date and come from the 13th till the 15th June to the 10th AIO International Congress, which title is Focus in New Visions in Dentistry. 

This exclusive event will combine two important meetings: one is the Italian Dental association, AIO, where you can find one of the best dental experts of all specialities around the world. And to compound this, we will also have a Megagen Day on Saturday the 15th June, where I will lecture about the amazing Anyridge Megagen System. 

If you want to learn more about the new insights of dentistry and be part of the future, register now at : http://congressaio.it

Looking forwards to seeing you all in June! 


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