Lecturing in Bucharest

Lecturing in Bucharest

Today is my first day in Romania. I’m in Bucharest delivering my lecture and as I got out of stage I though how it was fun. I had a full room and I spoke for an hour and a half on my philosophy and vision of ethical Dentistry and Life-changing Dentistry.

As usual, I showed a lot of cool cases and told a lot of anecdotic stories about each one, because I think more and more that the audience doesn’t just want to see the science: they want to understand the stories behind the cases!

Everybody is very nice here. Actually, the level of education is very high and it’s wonderful as you travel around the world – this is now my 37th country lecturing – to see that everybody is after the same thing, which is personal and professional success. It’s great to be a part of that!

I bumped into a lot of old friends that are here lecturing and I’m making new ones too.
Tomorrow I hope to go and visit the Parliament Palace! It’s huge, it’s actually the second largest building in the world.


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