Lecturing at The New York Dental Forum tomorrow

Lecturing at The New York Dental Forum tomorrow

I’m flying to New York City today to lecture at The New York Dental Forum tomorrow. I was invited by the organization and I’m so honoured that I’m going to be able to speak about my true passion there.

The New York Dental Forum has a lot of scientific merit and it means a lot to me to be invited to go there and lecture to an audience, which includes the top dentists in the state of New York. This is an event that focuses especially on that: bringing leading dentists from around the world to lecture and share their know-how with their American colleagues.

This is a huge reward for me, after all these years touring the world and talking about my passion, which is Life-changing Dentistry!

I have a full-day lecture where I’ll be talking about my path, my career and the choices I made that led to having the kind of practice that I have today: an interdisciplinary practice based on full mouth cosmetic rehabilitation.

New York is one of my favourite cities in the world, and I can’t wait to get there!


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