“Leào da Estrela” remake is unmissable

“Leào da Estrela” remake is unmissable

Yesterday I saw a remake of a Portuguese film from 1947 called O Leào da Estrela. It’s a Portuguese classic and it’s been remade by a good friend, Leonel Vieira, who is probably our most successful movie producer and director.

Starring in the movie was one of our star patients, Sara Matos, who also was also the first person to accept the “What makes you smile?” challenge. And let me tell you that she was absolutely fabulous in this movie. What a star! Her smile and contagious presence on screen really was impressive. I truly think that we have somebody who might  end up in Hollywood.

The movie was really well produced, and it was 100% Portuguese production. I hope that anyone wanting to come to Portugal to live, can watch this movie – with subtitles, of course – and understand a lot of our Portuguese subculture as well, between the rich and the poor. It´s a very funny parody on how different cultures perceive the same things.

Portugal is such a wonderful country and I truly love being a part of this! And of course, being half English and half Portuguese, I’ve always managed to live in between the boundaries of both sides of this wonderful story that is Portugal.

So, big congratulations to the entire team that made this new movie and don’t miss out on going to see it!



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