Lack of Ethics in Dentistry

Lack of Ethics in Dentistry

Last night I read an article in Publico about the action taken by the ERC [Entity regulating the Portuguese Media] and the Portuguese Order of Dentistry regarding a company from this sector of the industry that was promoting some questionable advertising via e-mail. To better understand the specifics of what I’m talking about, I advise you to read the full article in the Portuguese newspaper! [for those of you who do understand Portuguese or have access to a translating tool].

It is with great joy that I read this particular article. It was high time to have some regulations in the field of Dentistry! Cases such as this are what jeopardize the integrity and the overall opinion on dental treatments, amongst some other problems affecting the profession nowadays.

Additionally, and most importantly, is the way this kind of propaganda takes advantage of the public’s ignorance in order to make a profit. It’s an absolute violation of public’s freedom and right to be correctly and thoroughly informed about the whole procedure or treatment, its added value or limitations.

For someone like me, who works daily specifically in the construction and reconstruction of so many smiles, one thing is certain: this is a complex, multifaceted work, which takes several steps in order to be successful. Thus, it’s not something one can take lightly, that’s for sure!

I honestly do hope the general public increasingly gains access to more and more tools to fend for their rights and that the entities with regulatory capacity become increasingly aware of what’s going on in the world, before it’s too late.

Because I increasingly feel more and more upset by this reality, this is surely a subject I will often bring to light on this channel.


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