Knowing someone by their teeth

Knowing someone by their teeth

Our teeth can show us a lot about us and our habits. Actually, our whole body is a roadmap to what we’ve lived and what we do. But really, you can tell so much just by looking at someone’s teeth!

For example, the colour of the teeth can show us if the person we’re talking to is addicted to caffeine, or if they like to have tea. These kinds of drinks stain the teeth and might give them a yellowish or brownish tone.

Another thing we can tell by looking at someone’s teeth is if they smoke. If the breath doesn’t give them away, smokers have a tendency to develop blacks spots in their gums and a yellow patina over their teeth.

Did you know that you can even estimate someone’s age just by looking at their incisors? As we age, our incisors became shorter and square, and when we’re younger they look rectangular and with more rounded corners.

It’s truly amazing at how much we can know about someone if we know how and where to look. Oral health and appearance are so, so important in social situations!

So, the next time you meet someone, you can try these tips and see if they work.


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