Jasmine Hemsley at White Clinic®!

Jasmine Hemsley at White Clinic®!

One of these days Jasmine Hemsley came to visit us at White Clinic®! I don’t know if you’re aware but Jasmine is my client and she’s famous for the project she has with her sister, Melissa Hemsley! These two sisters got together a few years ago to give free reign to their passion for home made food and nutrition!

Known for the website they run (which I strongly recommend you visit and navigate through all the wonderful and tasteful recipes), they also published several books that have been had a phenomenal feedback from the public. The book The Art of Eating Well is actually the best-selling book in Amazon in its category, and was highlighted in several well-known newspapers and magazines around the world, such as the Telegraph, Vogue or The Times!

One of the things I like the most about the Hemsley Sister’s philosophy is the fact they look at nutrition as a form of welfare, which is something we also do, in a way, at the White Clinic® with our Dental specialties, but not exclusively. The sisters argue that our well-being comes from within, and that through our nutrition that we can start improving our health («Good food, good mood, good digestion, good health»). Thus, refusing the lazy options many people make on a daily basis, these two sisters suggest an holistic and intuitive nutrition instead, which ultimately ends up being a way of life – based on natural fats, no gluten or refined sugar and minimizing the consumption of natural sugar. It’s extremely interesting.

So it’s with great pleasure that I receive Jasmine, as there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a young successful woman, with incredibly good mood and willingness to work! It’s not easy to manage big projects and I, for one, know it from experience, but Jasmine and Melissa do it beautifully and with great passion.

I leave here my best wishes to the Hemsley sisters, underlining that the doors at the White Clinic® are always to receive them. I’m sure they have a bright path ahead of them , which I will continue to follow, no doubt!

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