Is Dentistry just a luxury product?

Is Dentistry just a luxury product?

The issue of where dentistry stands on the health context, both in Portugal and around the world, has been on my mind for some time now. If access to health is an universal right, why is dental care swept aside?

The fact is, we dentists have always been the underdogs amongst other medical specialties and there are only a few people who understand the importance of oral health to someone’s life – it involves expression, speech and chewing!

Last month I wrote to “Gerir & Liderar” exactly to demystify this idea that dental care is a “luxury”, an idea that has been negatively affecting the lives of too many people.

The number of people coming to us because of bad past experiences, or because they know someone who suffered those, is increasing. For all I’ve been seeing and hearing, I feel it’s increasingly more important that people are informed and know what kind of treatment is proposed to them when they make an appointment.

The truth is this: practicing excellent dentistry, choosing the best materials, working with the more advanced technologies and following clinical procedures is expensive, both in time and money!

Of course it’s possible to practice dental medicine with less resources and time, and consequently, with reduced rates. But I simply refuse to that!

If you want to better understand the conscious decision I made running the White Clinic®, I suggest you read the whole article published in “Gerir & Liderar”.


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