“Invisible” braces for adults? Yes, with Invisalign!

“Invisible” braces for adults? Yes, with Invisalign!

Long gone are the days of the traditional metal braces. If when you think of braces the picture that gets to your mind is intricate wires and metal brackets and a “full-metal-unaesthetic-mouth”, well you’d be surprised with the advance in technology.

Modern orthodontics are so advanced that people won’t ever know you are wearing braces at all!

For many adults that have always refused to wear braces, Invisalign is definitely the ideal answer! The transparent material allows the correction of misaligned teeth, resulting in an extremely aesthetic, comfortable, predictable and effective treatment. And there’s no restriction of food and beverage intake!

Because what really makes a difference is that you can remove the trays during meals and also for your oral hygiene, which is a huge relief for the patient!

Additionally, Invisalign doesn’t require lengthy and frequent treatment controls, making it the ideal treatment for people who travel a lot or are constantly busy and have little time to spare, or even people who live far from the Clinic.


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