Interview with Dr. Howard live and in colour

Interview with Dr. Howard live and in colour

If you well remember, I wrote an article a few months ago about the interview I gave to Dr. Howard, known for the website. This platform, accessed by dentists from all over the world, is a true relic because it preserves valuable information to our professional area.

I believe that the vast majority of the general public has no real notion of the true extend of Dentistry, in its several specialties, issues and innovations and you just have to take a glimpse at Dental Town to get the idea: Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry, Rehabilitation, those are all crucial concepts on our agenda.

One of the categories Dental Town includes on its list and which I truly value is Continuing Medical Education. It is a great flaw to think that one needs not to continue to learn and evolve throughout life!

So the reason for bringing the topic up again today is that I received the video from the interview I did with Dr. Howard. And I wanted to share it with you because I know things are always more interesting when the information gets to us “live and in colour”.

So here’s the interview I gave in New York in one of my last business trips to the city:



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