I’ll be lecturing in Poznan next April!

I’ll be lecturing in Poznan next April!

I’m counting down the days for my trip to Poznan, in Poland, where I’ll be participating in the 10th International Conference for Students and Young Doctors, from the 22nd to the 24th of April. I’ll be the special guest on this year’s edition and I must say that I feel quite honoured with the choice.

I’m truly passionate about my work and it’s really exciting to have this opportunity to lecture about it to such a young audience. They’ll be the ones building the future of Dentistry and it’s on occasions like this that I feel that we can, in fact, make a difference. These are young students or young practitioners of Dentistry and, as such, they’re open to new perspectives and ideas on the subjects we’ll be approaching.

I don’t know yet who the other lecturers on the panel will be but I’m sure I’ll be part of a board of excellence and that good and innovative dental treatments will be part of the agenda.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the conference poster, which has been made available on Facebook:

Cartaz Conferência Internacional para Estudantes e Jovens Médicos



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