I finally met Dr. Juan Ruiz in person

I finally met Dr. Juan Ruiz in person


This morning I woke up and the weather wasn’t 100% so I ended up driving to the centre of Ibiza to meet Dr. Juan Alberto Fernández Ruiz, whom I had never met in person before. Dr. Juan Ruiz is a surgeon who runs a surgery practice in the centre of Ibiza and I’ve been following his work online for quite some time. He also runs a really cool website called oralsurgerytube.com and as we’ve been following each other’s work for quite some time, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet him in person and get to know his team.

On my travels, I always like to take the opportunity to meet dentists and fellow surgeons who are trying to make an impact and improve dentistry through better education. So today I met a really cool and open person, and I’m really looking forward to doing many things with him in the future, not only for my clinical patients, but also in education, both offline and online.

After this meeting, I went to walk around downtown Ibiza. I didn’t really know but this city has a lot of History. Everybody is super nice. I always find that people who leave on an island are usually very welcoming and very open. And it’s funny because Ibiza for many years had a connotation of a party place and, despite having wonderful night clubs, there’s a lot of life and History and wonderful people in Ibiza. It´s got a huge family environment and there’s a lot of people retiring to Ibiza from Northern European countries. It’s a very homey city as well.

After that, I went back home to pick up Sasha and my friends and we drove to one of my favourite spots in Ibiza, called Platja des Cavallet, and  a little bar El Chiringuito, which is really one of my favourites. And I’m really happy they’ve actually cleaned up the beach and at this time of the year there’s a lot of really cool people: world travelers with their families and people that can actually afford to be here at this time of the year. I’m also finishing my book “The Master and Margerita”, by Mikhail Bulgakov. Last month I was in Kiev with Sasha, and Kiev is the home place of Mikhail Bulgakov, who was actually a doctor and he gave up practicing medicine to become a full-time writer.I’m really liking the way in which he writes. He’s quite a genius. And I’m learning something about my wife’s homeland as well.


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