Humble Smile Foundation on video for Singing for Smiles

Humble Smile Foundation on video for Singing for Smiles

Today I just wanted to share with you the video that my good friends over at the Humble Smile Foundation made to support my first Singing for Smiles concert.

Darren Weiss got together with his team and all the kids he’s currently working with, and they filmed a beautiful video, where you can get to know their current project and how Singing for Smiles will impact on it.

Darren is now working in Nicaragua, where health care is still very basic and dentistry is pretty much non-existent, so his work there is truly important!

The Humble Smile Foundation is one of the organizations that Singing for Smiles will help, so go to and get yourself a ticket. Come and have fun with us, or give it to someone you love. It will be the gift that keeps on giving, literally.

I’m really passionate about this new project, and finding new and creative ways to help is what keeps me going on. I want to share that with all of you, so I hope to see you there.

Check out the video the guys over at the Humble Smile Foundation put together below.



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