How we reach success nowadays

How we reach success nowadays

Today my new article at “Gerir e Liderar”, a Portuguese on-line magazine on Management and Leadership, came out. This is an article about success, specifically the differences between horizontal and vertical success.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between my generation and the generations starting their professional life now.

When I came into business, success was all about individuality and the road to get there provided a lonely and hard trip. But nowadays I’ve been noticing that the younger generations really believe in cooperating. The way to the top is now seen as a community effort!

I see the example of the members of my team, who are always helping each other and see that the road to success fits more than one person. And the truth is this is a good change in the way we think and do business! We are social animals and we have a big need for others in our lives. Why should business and success be the exception?

Here is the link of the article. You can read it and get to my opinion on this a bit better.


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