How to maintain a healthy relationship with your patient – Part II

How to maintain a healthy relationship with your patient – Part II

So, the second part in this series is about the financial issues that can come up during a treatment. There’s nothing worse than a financial surprise for your patients halfway throughout the treatment.

These things need to be seriously organized and planned on the first appointment, and that’s why I always insist on having a very good and complete treatment plant: so the patient understands the complete investment that has to be made over time.

I think that it’s a source of stress when halfway through a treatment the dentists says: “Oh, by the way, now you have to pay extra!”. These things create massive tension in between the two parties, so make sure you always get a full treatment plan on day one!

The patients don’t necessarily have to do all the treatments in one go, but they must understand the financial implications of the problems they have in their mouths. The only way for then to fully understand it is if you make it very clear from the beginning what’s going to be done, how, and how much it costs.


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