How to create and maintain a successful team

How to create and maintain a successful team

In this channel I’ve been sharing with you lots of articles I’ve been doing for Gerir & Liderar, a famous Portuguese business magazine. This month I talk about something I think is essential for the success of every business: a good team!

Anyone who runs a team, be it big or small, really must surround himself with trustable people and excellent professionals and I’m very happy because through the years I managed to build an amazing team at the White Clinic®.

I believe than in theory everybody knows how important it is to create and lead a good team, but I honestly think they don’t know what that truly means.

After all, a good team is not only the sum of its parts and good results at the end of the month. There’s a whole human side to be aware of, and we also have to be aware of emotional and professional needs and motivation.

When I talk about the White Clinic®, I always make sure to say “my team and I”, because that’s really important and no, I wouldn’t have gotten very far without them.

At Gerir & Liderar I leave 8 tips so you can think how to create and maintain a successful team. From the personal traits, to how we should, in my opinion, deal with certain situations, what I’m sharing with you is essentially what experience has taught me!

Feel free to read the article and comment on it with your own ideas and perspectives.


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