How about that smile? Talking with the Telegraph.

How about that smile? Talking with the Telegraph.

I spoke a bit with the Telegraph, the leading UK newspaper, for an article on how the perfect smile has changed. A few years ago people wanted the perfect cookie-cutter smile: blinding white teeth, perfectly aligned, not one millimeter out of place.

But things have changed! We’re seeing different faces in actors and models and that contributes to our idea of what the perfect beauty should be. And nowadays a perfect smile is the one that’s not so perfect after all. People are demanding to have gaps in their teeth, or to have them a bit stained.

I talked to them about the importance of treating the gums as well as the teeth. Either way you want it – perfect or “imperfect” – the gums can actually affect the appearance of your smile. At White Clinic®, it’s very usual for us to treat the gums with lasers and peels before doing any cosmetic work!

All in all, it’s very interesting to see how things change over time. The truth is that one smile doesn’t fit all and the things we can do with technology nowadays are amazing. If someone asks us for a gap in their tooth or for slightly crooked veneers, we can do that.

As long as a treatment doesn’t interfere with the health of the patient, it’s all good when it comes to adjusting a smile and I’m glad to see more diversity and different standards on beauty.

You can read the article here.


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