“Hotel Santiago de Alfama” singularities

“Hotel Santiago de Alfama” singularities

Today, I’d like to speak to you about “Santiago de Alfama”, an hotel I am very familiar with, since the owner is my sister-in-law, Heleen Uitenbroek. Among several commendations in Portugal and abroad, this hotel was mentioned by Forbes in this month’s edition as one of the six most luxurious hotels in Lisbon!

One of the things I like the most about “Santiago de Alfama” is the fact that it is located in one of the most typical Lisbon areas. Thus, we see how elegance and tradition can go hand-in-hand in the most interesting way.

The location where we now can find this 5 star hotel, “Santiago de Alfama”, was once a 15th Century palace, part of the Portuguese Heritage. There’s History connected to this hotel and we need to recollect it so it doesn’t get lost in our collective memory!

As far as I know, some centuries ago this luxurious place used to be called “Palácio dos Castros” [Castro’s Palace] and it was on this very same street that Christopher Columbus got married. It is also on this street that the Way to Santiago de Compostela starts! In short, a place of great inspiration to great deeds!

So if you have to advise someone on where to stay in Lisbon, this is undisputedly one of my first choices for those who want to stay at the heart of the capital, with guarantees of enjoying the best possible rest and tranquility. Additionally, it has an amazing view over the bluish of the Tagus River on the horizon, which, as anyone from Lisbon can tell you, makes you wake up in an excellent mood in the morning.

I can’t even begin to tell you all there is to say about “Santiago de Alfama” under the penalty of boring you with so much talk. I’ll most certainly will come back to this subject in the near future for I never get tired of speaking about the things I admire the most and all that surprises me on a personal level. And this is true not only for the most luxurious hotel in Lisbon, but also for the simplest day to day things in my life.

The good things, the ones we like the most, must definitely be shared!

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