Hélder Rodrigues at the White Clinic®

Hélder Rodrigues at the White Clinic®

Today the great Hélder Rodrigues, the amazing Portuguese motorcyclist who’s been a success at Paris-Dakar, came to our clinic. Hélder and I have known each other for a few years, but I’m still amazed every time I see him running in what is probably the harshest sports competition in the whole world!

He’s very humble and tremendously dedicated to his performance in one of the most difficult and competitive sports there is. It really is a matter of national pride for us to have such an amazing sportsman!

Sometimes it seems that football is the only top sport there is in the country and that only those athletes have the full recognition they deserve. However, the truth is we have great athletes in other sports as well and Hélder Rodrigues is definitely one of them.

So, I wish him all the luck and lots of success this year! May he keep healthy and vigorous to bring happiness home to the Portuguese and, obviously, also for himself and for his family.

I loved seeing you, Hélder. Keep on smiling, my friend!


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