Healthy shopping at the Open Market in Cascais

Healthy shopping at the Open Market in Cascais

Today I started my Christmas vacation by doing some super healthy shopping at the Open Market in Cascais. I grew up in Cascais and I remember when I was 10, 11 years old, coming here with my mother to do the shopping for the family. Not just for food but also for clothing. This was way back before you had cool brands in Portugal!

It was wonderful to see that almost 30 years later, I can still come and see the local producers with their vegetables, their eggs, their fruits, all of which are home-grown, free of pesticides and all the nasty stuff that big companies like Monsanto want us to consume.

Sasha is always happy when she comes here because she is very strong on healthy living and healthy food. So, I joined her today and had a lot of fun talking to the local farmers, listening to them complain about how life is difficult but secretly knowing that these guys are the richest people in the world, because they get to eat healthy food.

Notice in Sasha’s photograph that she’s carrying her own bags, because we are against too much plastic polluting our oceans. We really need to start thinking about leaving a better planet for our children and also taking care of ourselves in the process!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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