Having a Webinar at Dental XP

Having a Webinar at Dental XP

After quite a lot of preparation, today I will be on www.dentalxp.com doing a Webinar, which is a web-based presentation on Implant Dentistry. The title is “Tipping the needle in Implant Dentistry”.

In this presentation I discuss how the latest technologies, techniques and products can speed up the surgical time and improve overall outcome, which, of course, is excellent for both the surgeons and the patients.

I’m very fortunate at the White Clinic® to be able to use state of the art technology. Also, my travels around the world lecturing, allow me to talk with leading dentists. So, everyday we apply state of the art Dentistry and, of course, we document most of our work!

This is the result of the last two years of development and my team helped me prepare a great lecture. It’s online today for anybody that is part of the Dental XP community.

You can sign up here and I hope you can learn something from this.


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