Having a chat with Destak. Don’t forget your smile on vacation!

Having a chat with Destak. Don’t forget your smile on vacation!

I had a little chat with Destak, a portuguese newspaper, and we talked about smiles, summer and what not to forget when the sun flares up!

While it’s true that when the temperatures start rising people start worrying more about their appearance, the truth is that sometimes they can forget their oral health.

The Summer is that time of the year where we’re always out, having lunch here, having dinner there, staying out late to have a drink with friends. And between this and that, we can forget that our teeth are with us all year and should be taken care of no matter what the thermometer says.

One of the things that helps is to always carry a travel kit with a brush, toothpaste and dental floss. It can be easily carried in a purse or in a backpack, and that way you make sure you don’t have an excuse to not brush your teeth after a meal.

This is also the time of the year where people invest more on whitening treatments, but I really have to say that there’s no cosmetic procedure that can beat a well treated mouth. Keeping a good oral hygiene is half the work.

So, make sure you’re not neglecting your teeth during silly season, and remember that a beautiful smile is the best way to show how much fun you’re having!

You can read the interview below.


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