Happy Holidays everyone from White Clinic®!

Happy Holidays everyone from White Clinic®!

Today I took most of my team on a day trip to celebrate the upcoming holidays. The team came up with a great idea, which was to do a hike, something that is free, healthy and also in the spirit of team building.

We went up to the Sintra mountains and hiked up to Peninha, such a beautiful old convent that has been magnificently restored overlooking the beaches of Guincho and of the bay of Cascais, one of the places where I grew up and I’m so found of. It was good to see everybody have a lot of fun.

We all met at the clinic and went a bus to Sintra together, where some really silly Christmas headgear was distributed amongst all of us. I think it’s really important that everybody, from the cleaning lady to me, the CEO, can just be silly and act in the spirit of friendship, have fun and just relax.

The hike was a huge success. We even got lost along the way, but overcoming obstacles is also part of the winning process! We ended up walking a lot more than we should have, and now we’re all here at Praia Grande (Grande Beach) to have a beautiful lunch with all the friends. We’ll certainly make some toasts and laugh over our daily stories.

At the end of the day we do have a difficult job. All of my colleagues give a hundred percent of themselves, so I’m thankful and blessed to have them on my team. I believe that all of our patients are happy to have such beautiful people around taking good care of them.

Happy holidays everyone from White Clinic®!


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