Grit: remember this word all throughout 2017

Grit: remember this word all throughout 2017

You know I love TED Talks and how they can sometimes unlock such simple ideas and concepts for us. Most of the time they’re not about some hidden secret to success or a great new way to revolutionize education. No, most of the time TED Talks simply put things which we know, deep down in ourselves, into a new and bright light, and that’s what makes us pay attention.

I watched this TED Talk last night and must share it with you. Even though Angela Lee Duckworth is talking about kids, I believe her message can speak to all of us, and I stand by everything she says.

If I’ve learned anything in my almost 20 years as a dentist and as the owner of a very successful, technology-oriented dental clinic, it is that grit will take you anywhere! My path has not always been easy, but I have always kept my eyes on the prize and today I can say that following my intuition paid has off.

You can have the talent and you can have the intelligence, but if you don’t have the resilience to move things forward you won’t go very far. Moving forward is all about wanting to get ahead in life.

Talent and intelligence give you an edge, of course, but they won’t save you in the long run. Grit is what makes you fail, and then fail again, and then fail better. Grit is what makes you look at things and see them simply as a small part in the whole that is your future.

As the speaker says in the video, failure is not a permanent condition. Failure is a stepping stone to something else entirely. And I believe that we should keep this in mind throughout 2017.

2016 was hard on everyone. Reality came crashing down on us, and I think we learned that we must adapt and find ways of keeping motivated. I believe 2017 will be the year we will get used to this “new world” and we start working on keeping our place in it.

I believe 2017 is the year we find our true grit.


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