Going to NYC in a few weeks for the DentalXP Implant Summit!

Going to NYC in a few weeks for the DentalXP Implant Summit!

This August, one of the most awaited dental meetings will happen in the world famous NYU, in New York City. I’m honoured to be a speaker at the DentalXP Implant Summit 2016. It has incredible scientific and academic merit!

Some of the speakers were my inspiration to become an implant dentist over 16 years ago, and it’s wonderful to be able to share the same stage with these men, who I now call friends.

This conference will be about Implant Dentistry, and some of the most up to date, state of the art technologies and clinical applications in the Dentistry universe will be discussed!

One of the advantages of being a part of events like this is that I manage to bring home all of that information, and instantly apply it here at the White Clinic®. I always like to spend some time with my team, to relay all of the valuable information that I learnt from my colleagues. And this inevitably benefits my patients and my practice!

People know me for my sentence “Be part of a bigger game”, and this is truly it!

Sometimes I have to wonder why there aren’t more Portuguese dentists on the stage, as I am the only Portuguese dentist present at the event, seeing we have such a strong community of implant dentists in Portugal.

Hopefully, there will be some Portuguese in the audience. I can’t wait for August, this is going to be great!


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