Give peace a chance!

Give peace a chance!

I remember waking up in the morning, and the only thing that I could do was go outside and see what the weather was like. Nowadays, I wake up,  grab my phone, and within seconds I can not only see what the weather is like, but I can also see what is going on in the world and how the world feels.

Is this excessive volume of uncensored energy that comes through social media useful to us as a species? Is there any study that shows that this could be affecting us as a whole?

I am very active, as you know, yet I’m also always positive. I believe that positivity is the only way. There are things that bother me and upset me, but I choose to not give them a voice by ignoring them.  However, it’s impossible nowadays to avoid the daily barrage of haters, irony mongers, angry political pundits, none of them professional and most without ethical boundaries. And as you know, there is a lot to be scared about, talked about and feared,  going on in the world today.

I have stopped watching the news. I believe that most of that information is controlled, but I have enjoyed social media and its positive influence over the years. I just wonder if all the fear and hatred and jealously could be controlled a bit more for the sake of those that want to simply wake up and have a nice day.

“Give peace a chance”!

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