Francisco Duarte and his surf board are going places!

Francisco Duarte and his surf board are going places!

A few months ago I told you that this year the White Clinic® was going to do something really cool and sponsor three young surfers in their travels and competitions around the world. Well, today I’m sharing the adventures of Francisco Duarte, one of our surfers from the Team White!

Francisco is now in Bali, working on his skills in one of the best spots for surfers all around the world. He decided to put off the rest of the European competitions and focus on working on his technique in world famous waters. This decision shows a lot of maturity.

It’s amazing seeing a young man so committed to his passion! This is the kind of work that pays off, and you just wait and see! Francisco is gonna be one our top surfers, I’m sure.

While he is away surfing in Indonesia and Bali, we can follow his adventures there on He’s writing a bit about his everyday life and it’s really cool that he’s getting to share all of that with us.

We are really proud of our Team White Surf and we wish Francisco a great time abroad! Travelling and doing what you love are one of the best things in life, and it’s great to be a part of it.

You can read the whole piece here and follow Francisco here.


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