Francisca Pinto Ribeiro dropped by the Clinic for a check-up

Francisca Pinto Ribeiro dropped by the Clinic for a check-up

Today, I got a visit from my dear friend, Francisca, who is married to one of Portugal’s leading male actors, Ricardo Pereira. This couple is amazing!

They live now in Brazil with their two kids and Ricardo is a leading actor in Brazilian soap operas. He was also in Berlin last week promoting his new movie. I really believe he is one of the best actors in the world and hopefully he’ll be hitting Hollywood soon.

Francisca is probably his best friend and it’s wonderful to see this couple raise two beautiful children, to manage to have fun, be active and always be cool. She has a wonderful healthy lifestyle and popped into the Clinic just for a quick check-up and to give us a kiss.

It was wonderful to see her and thankfully they’ll be back in Portugal soon, so we can spend some more time with them.

I wish them all the success in life!


A Filipa Pinto Ribeiro passou pela clínica para um check-up

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