Flying to Greece speaking at NYU School of Dentistry’s Study Club in Athens

Flying to Greece speaking at NYU School of Dentistry’s Study Club in Athens

Today I will be flying to Athens, Greece, where I’ll be giving a lecture on advanced dentistry tomorrow, under the title “The Image Makers”. This will be in collaboration with the NYU School of Dentistry and this Study Club is quite an exciting opportunity for me to connect with my Greek colleagues.

I’m really excited, since this will be my very first time in Greece. I’m very lucky that I was able to turn my passion of dentistry and teaching into an opportunity to see the world. Teaching has taken me to a lot of countries so far, and I can say that feeling of excitement never gets old.

And what’s more amazing about all this is the fact that I’ve never been to a country where I didn’t find like-minded people and an audience eager to hear what I have to say and share their own experiences with me.

So, I’m really looking forward to cross another country off of my list and to climb up the Parthenon and see it with my own eyes.


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