«Emagreça sem fome» book launching event

«Emagreça sem fome» book launching event

As I’ve been announcing here for the past week, Dr. Iara Rodrigues, our nutritionist here at the White Clinic®, is presenting her book today. The book is called “Emagreça sem fome” [Lose weight without getting hungry] and more than being just a book on nutrition, it’s a book that teaches us all about well-being and health. And it’s already number two in FNAC’s top sales!

Nowadays we tend over devalue our relationship with food and, more importantly, the quality of what we eat! Maybe much of what happens to us, the stress, the fatigue and the muscle pains, could be avoided if we paid more attention to what we eat and learnt more about it! What Dr. Iara suggests with this book is not just a simple book journey through healthy eating, or a though diet – it’s a true eating plan with recipes and tips we can easily include in our daily lives.

Besides, and quoting our famous nutritionist, “Losing weight is one thing. Slimming down is another. Being healthy is yet another”.

The book is being talked about on the radio and on the TV and I must say that the field of nutrition really fascinates me! I never miss a chance to buy organic food and learn a bit more about this subject.

The book’s launching event will happen today at 18h30 at FNAC Chiado, in Lisbon. So come and listen to the priceless things Dr. Iara has to say to you!

I’m certainly going, what about you?


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