Dreams: put one foot in front of the other

Dreams: put one foot in front of the other

Today I wanted to send a message of hope to all of you who have dreams that you think will not come true.

A dream is something that is very much like an idea. It is something that you can write down on paper, something that you can turn into a presentation on your computer, just by putting words to your vision.

What you will see is that once that vision takes structure and takes form it kind of becomes a business plan. Because all you have to do is figure out step by step how to get to where your vision wants to take you. And the secret is figuring out what step to take first!

Usually, it is the easiest one. Confucius said that a thousand mile journey begins with a first step. Well, I believe that in order to conquer your dreams, you just have to begin by writing them down and believing that everything is possible!


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