Dr. Iara Rodrigues’ new book

Dr. Iara Rodrigues’ new book

Dr. Iara Rodrigues, our wonderful White Clinic® Nutritionist, has just launched her new book entitled “Emagreça sem fome – Coma melhor e viva com saúde” [Lose weight without getting hungry – Eat better and live healthy]. Today she was on the Portuguese TV show “Você na TV” and there’s nothing that gives me more joy than watching the professionals that work with me being successful! Dr Iara is a remarkable professional in her area of expertise, and therefore this new accomplishment to me is definitely is not a surprise: just a natural course in her journey.

I strongly advise this book to all the people who enjoy a healthy and balance lifestyle as I do. You wouldn’t believe the amount of complications one can prevent through good nutrition. We spend our days worrying with so many trivial things that we sometimes forget the ones that are crucial!

My sincere congratulations Dr. Iara!


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