Don’t you want to be part of a bigger game?

Don’t you want to be part of a bigger game?

I’m happy to see a lot of people starting to use the hashtag #bepartofabiggergame. The very first time I used it was a few years ago, when I was talking to a friend who does so many things in his life – he writes books, he is a musician, he is a traveller -, and it just occurred to me that this guy was part of a bigger game.

What does it mean to be part of a bigger game? It means being bigger than yourself, using your skills and your human nature to improve the world around you and everybody you come in contact with.

I try to apply this philosophy at work every day with my patients, my team and myself, and I think that it is important in this ever-changing world, where fear is a constant, that we try and improve ourselves and the world around us.

So try and share this philosophy as much as you can and be part of a bigger game!


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