Diabetes and periodontal disease: know the risks here.

Diabetes and periodontal disease: know the risks here.

The periodontal disease is always, always an alarming condition. It’s an inflammatory process of the tissue that supports the teeth, such as the bone and the gums. But patients who have Diabetes mellitus should be even more aware of their oral health, because they have a greater risk of developing it.

Because Diabetes originates such high levels of glicose, it changes the bacterial flora of the mouth, and can lead to periodontal disease. Besides, because of all of this, the periodontal disease spreads much faster and can be more aggressive than usual.

Another characteristic of the Diabetes is that it changes the regeneration process of our body, and this makes matters worse.

So, if you have Diabetes or know someone who does, make sure you stay on top of things when it comes to your oral health. Brushing gently and flossing carefully, so as not to hurt yourself, are mandatory in keeping good health.


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