Dentistry: the new cool kids on the block

Saúde Oral, a Portuguese Dentistry website, published an article yesterday about the 10th International Conference for Students and Young Doctors. I spoke to them a little bit about how important it is to encourage and value young talent.

If you remember, the White Clinic® and the Students Association of the Lisbon Dentistry School [Associação de Estudantes da Faculdade de Medicina Dentária de Lisboa] teamed up and had a contest, where the winners would win tickets to go the Conference, with all the expenses paid for. Well, the winners were Cátia Perez and Ricardo Pinto and it was a pleasure to meet them!

The Conference was a success, and so was my lecture on “Life changing dentistry: how to introduce success in your practice”. But what I really took from it was the contact with all the new blood on Dentistry.

I really believe that the youngest generations are the hope of Dentistry. In my experience, these new young dentists are so open to new ideas, they learn so fast and really want to do a great job. It’s amazing how much you can actually learn from them!

It was great to talk with them and get to know their ideas a little better. It’s so important for the future of Dentistry that we, the more experienced dentists, welcome, help and listen to the youngsters! It’s the only way we can change mentalities and get Dentistry to reach its full potential.


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