Dentistry at its best: changing someone’s life in 2 hours

Dentistry at its best: changing someone’s life in 2 hours

I talk a lot about how Dentistry can change people’s lives and make them happier. Having good teeth is just as much about mental health as it is about oral health, and nowadays doing it is easier than ever.

We have so much technology at our disposal that we can perform complex treatments in just a couple of hours. Also, I think that we’re starting to value collaborative work a lot more. Multidisciplinary teams go a long way, in terms of seeing the best results.

That’s what happened recently, when I did a multidisciplinary treatment in Amsterdam with my friends Thomas Rietrae and Christian Coachman. We changed this girl’s life using state of the art technology and a combined approach of cosmetic dentistry, guided implant surgery and DSD treatment planning.
It took us only about two hours and the results are dramatic!

This is Revolutionary Dentistry and I’m very happy to be a part of this evolution. We’ve been doing these type of treatments at the White Clinic here in Portugal, and I can’t wait to see this go even further in results!

Watch the video in here and check out the results.


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