Dental photography is crucial to Dentistry

Dental photography is crucial to Dentistry

In a world that is increasingly becoming more and more digital, it’s not hard to understand how Digital Dental Photography has become an essential tool in any dental treatment.

Technically speaking, from diagnosis, to treatment planning and execution, Dental Photography allows us to document thoroughly the whole process, leaving us a lesser margin for error.

Using macrophotography, for instance, we dentists can have a perfect perception of every single tooth: colour, shape, texture, etc.

However, the most important is that this process brings us closer to our patients and makes the treatment a lot more transparent and easier to understand.


By showing the photographs to a patient, I can then discuss options and ideas, and even design the final results. It’s a great communication tool that helps making even the more complex treatments a lot easier to understand!


On the other hand, intra and extra oral photography have improved the dialogue between dentists and prosthetic technicians. These pictures allow the technicians to study the aesthetics components of every single patient without the need of having to meet them in person.

If in our daily lives we take full advantage of all the digital technologies, constantly communicating with friends, family and co-workers through image and video, why not in Dentistry as well?



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