Dental apps? Yes, they exist!

Dental apps? Yes, they exist!

Since digital came to stay, the world is always changing. We can’t compare how fast things changed 70 years ago and how fast things are changing nowadays.

It seems that now there’s an app for everything, have you noticed? We have apps that tell us how long we should sleep, apps that shop for us and there are even dental apps.

Yes, dental apps do exist!

Medicine relies more and more on technology, so this really is no surprise. Dental apps are created to help with a lot of things, such as showing detailed step-by-step schemes of treatments to patients or even to keep track of your work at the clinic from the comfort of your own home. Some of them even allow the doctor to draw customized plans for each client!

There are also some dental apps that work as big encyclopaedias and dictionaries, with illustrations of dental problems or information on drug prescription. I’m all for using technology in our favour but sometimes I wonder: is this too much?

What do you think? Would you use them?


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