ÄŒuvget’s new instant vitamin ampoules

ÄŒuvget’s new instant vitamin ampoules

Recently I received a sample of the all new ÄŒuvget instant vitamin ampoules, which fight free radicals and promote skin anti-aging. When applied, this product will really give your skin a sense of vitality and you will feel great again!

As you may know, the skin is the largest organ of our body and is continuously exposed to external stresses, whereas the UV rays are the most damaging source. Well, it is well-known that vitamins and antioxidants have important defense mechanisms that are good for us.

ÄŒuvget has been trying to identify some of the strongest antioxidants in nature for a while now, by searching the most exposed areas of the planet when it comes to harsh and unfriendly climate conditions. This was how they found their brand new compound called ÄŒaga.

This new compound that we’ve been researching over comes from a special plant that grows on trees in northern Siberia, Finland and Norway, and we are very proud to have this as a component in our ÄŒuvget product. It has incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacities and it has been used for centuries by the natives due to its healing properties. In fact, in only one hour the extract was able to reduce 80% of the damages from free radicals.

Each ÄŒuvget ampoule contains a carefully balanced formulation of ÄŒaga and other important epidermal antioxidants like vitamin C, E, B and Q10. And the best is that the ÄŒuvget instant vitamin ampoules can be used both by men and women seeking a perfect skin and a perfect product to fight everyday aging of our most important organ: our skin!

The result is amazing, as your skin feels radiant with an optimal and natural protection that for sure will make you happy.

Find out more at www.cuvget.com


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