Contest: 10th International Conference for Students and Young Doctors

Contest: 10th International Conference for Students and Young Doctors

As you know, there are a series of changes that I believe should take place in oral care and the mission to get the word out and start the change is in the hands of the youngsters! Because of this, I truly believe in the next generations and their potential to change the world, including the world of Dentistry.

This year I’m promoting a competition, along with Young Dentists Worldwide (YDW) and PTSS Poznam, and with the support of Associação Académica de Medicina Dentária de Lisboa, which are helping us with the publicity.

The aim of the competition is to provide some support to young Portuguese dentists, so they can have the opportunity to broaden their scientific knowledge at an international level. I believe that the possibility to learn abroad is the key to a better the education and, consequently, to the dental practice of young students and doctors!

The winners of this competition will have the opportunity to win two tickets to the 10th International Conference for Students and Young Doctors, accommodation included. It’s a great way to broaden one’s horizons and get to know a little bit of Poland, all in a great atmosphere.

To participate you have to like the AAMDL Facebook page, share this post on your timeline and tag five friends who already like the page in the comments. After this, you’ll receive a message from AAMDL with a number.

You can enter the competition until February 13th, and the winner of the drawing (held at FMDUL on the 15th) will be announced at AAMDL FB page. The winner has two days to claim the prize and if it not done within the deadline, a new draw will take place to find a new winner.

So, I hope you join the contest and good luck to everyone!


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