Come on China, be part of a bigger game!

Come on China, be part of a bigger game!

I read this news on the BBC website of how Chinese poachers are deliberately destroying coral reefs. There’s a point where being politically correct has to end, and the boundaries of good sense kick in!

We live in a world where people are scared to speak out against other races, religions, cultures and China is such a huge superpower, with such a huge potential to shift the planet we live in with such disruptive force, that of course people are scared to speak out in many ways. I’ve never been to China and I’m really looking forward to go. I’m actually a big fan of many things that come out of the Chinese culture – I have a lot of Chinese friends and I believe that China can still turn them around and find a way to be productive, to feed their over one billion people without destroying the planet that we live on.

I read an article a few days ago that says that China is kind of in the eighties in terms of discovering new things, new technologies and that’s why their heavy CO2 emissions exist. They are producing in the way that we were producing in the eighties and it took us almost forty years to realize that we were damaging the planet.

It looks now that the other half of the planet, in India and mostly in China, has not yet realized how damaging these things are, and it will not help if only half of the planet is trying to fix what the other half is still producing. That creates a zero effect! So when I read news like these it breaks my heart, because ignorance and lack of education, or the lack of other sources of income (I do understand that people have to eat at the end of the day) is truly the source of evil when it comes to saving this planet.

I really hope that we can figure this out and it really breaks my heart. I would like to have children that can come into a planet that still has blue seas, that still has the great coral reef and that still has something to look forward to, other than pollution and devastation.

So come on China, be part of a bigger game!


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