Children learning about dental care at St. Julian’s School

Children learning about dental care at St. Julian’s School

Joana Pinto and Susana Bonito, our hygienists at the White Clinic®, went to visit St. Julian’s today, which is a private school in Carcavelos. They went there to teach the 3 year-olds the importance of oral hygiene! Actually, it’s really vital for us at the White Clinic to be able to be part of these educational activities. Oral care should be introduced to children at an early age and it’s really important to do it naturally so children don’t grow up being afraid of dentists.

This is such a significant age-group, because it’s at this stage that children start creating their hygiene routine. So they should be taught to brush their teeth twice a day, always with the help of one of their parents, since they’re not able to do it for themselves just yet.

The activity went really well! The children actually loved it and joined in on the all the fun. When organizing projects targeting this age-group you have to know how to make them feel at ease and ask them questions, so that they can feel they are participating actively. This helps a lot when it comes to making them memorize all the info.

Usually we use drawings and mockups so they can see, touch and show each other what they have learned. At the same time they are taught the importance of fruit, milk and vegetables and that sweets are bad for their teeth.

It’s always so good to pass these messages on to the children, especially when we know the huge impact this can have on their lives!

Check out the photos they took of this experience.


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