Checking out what’s new at the IDS in Cologne

Checking out what’s new at the IDS in Cologne

This week I was at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. Every two years, the leading manufacturers in the dental world get together to showcase new technologies that will be launched on the global dental market.

It was absolutely astounding: over two thousand dental companies gathered in what is the world’s largest congress center, with over two hundred thousand dentists expected from all over the world to find out about the latest news in dentistry.

i was there to meet some of the top dental companies and discover what cool things we can implement at White Clinic® to lead our way into the future.

It’s really exciting to see how digital technology is taking over dentistry and I can’t wait to bring some new toys to the White Clinic!

I was interviewed by Deutscher à„rzte Verlag and talked a little bit about how technology is really changing what we can do in Dentistry, and how important it is to let the younger generations really have a go at it. You can check it out below:



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