Changing is up to each and every one of us

Changing is up to each and every one of us

This past weekend I saw an inspiring video about a farmer who decided to make a change. He walked the other way and, despite what others thought or said, started his own organic production after being poisoned by the chemicals used in strawberry fields. And he managed to succeed.

Stories like this are a reminder of the power we have within us, to start something, to look forward and to change the future.

Let’s make an exercise: can you imagine a brighter future for you and your children? Well, I bet you do! But try not to think of something huge: think about the simple details you can change. We all have something in our lives we could perfect – sometimes we just lack the energy or focus to do it!

If each of us started to make small changes, wouldn’t it be a big change for us all? Start at home, at your business, with your boss, with your friends and loved ones!

This farmer, John Cochran,  is actually sharing his techniques and knowledge with other farmers. This single man, who began an organic production of strawberries without all this pesticides, has spread his word and made a change in his business, in the market and on people’s health.

Let’s keep this in mind and start changing today!

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