Change your smile, change your life

Change your smile, change your life

When I first started studying Dentistry, I started to pay more attention to people’s mouths. It’s very normal in dentists, as I’m sure it happens with ophthalmologists and eyes or dermatologists with skin, for example. I started to notice more and more how people smile, express themselves, how they talk…

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of small things that show us when someone is self-conscious of their smile or their teeth: putting their hand in front of their mouth, smiling with a closed mouth, changing the angle of the face or talking with a partly closed mouth are just a few examples.

These are mannerisms that people use to defend themselves. Even children do this, unaware, to try and hide something they might feel exposes them. It’s also very frequent in adults to stop liking their smile and start being ashamed of what they might perceive as a situation caused by neglect.

To these people, the ones who think they have no solution and give up on treatment because they’re afraid of how the dentist might react, let me tell you: there’s nothing that surprises me and everything can be solved, honestly!

We have amazing technology nowadays and we can do equally amazing things with it: it’s not worth it, living with that frustration, with the fear of smiling. Anaesthesia even allows us to perform any kind of treatment with no pain at all.

And, of course, there are cases when a simple cleaning, scaling or whitening treatment can transform someone’s smile and help them get their confidence back.

With almost 20 years of experience in this area, I say this as a fact: changing you smile is often just the same as changing your life.


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