Change depends on your will, not age

Change depends on your will, not age

For many years I have dedicated myself to changing peoples’ smiles. I started out just practicing Dentistry in 1998, and then with my training I started to get into some more complex treatments. And then, roundabout 2005-2006, I started dedicating myself almost exclusively to full-mouth rehabilitation.

I believe I was one of the first clinics in the country to do so, following golden standards of Dentistry. In order to do this, I got a team together of great specialists and we all operate under one roof like a family.

We proved our worth in over six TV shows that we did between 2006 and 2012. And what we learnt through this process was that it’s not just Dentistry that we do, it’s Life-Changing Dentistry. And the most beautiful thing is when you find patients of any age, any religion, any culture, all of them want one thing: they want to be able to smile.

And in the current times, the current world we live in, where pressures and fear are all around, it’s wonderful to see that people don’t give up hope.

This case is of a patient who is almost 80 years old. He came in a few months ago to perform a full-mouth rehabilitation, because he was tired of his denture and he’d seen our work and heard about it and wanted to place fixed teeth. So with the help of quite a few implants, and a lot of team work and a great lab, we managed to deliver almost natural teeth to this patient.

We finished the case yesterday and we pampered him and he felt truly like a superstar. He finally will be able to eat apples and carrots the same way he remembered when he was a child. And sometimes these basic feelings are what remind us of our own humanity!

Such a privilege to be part of this!

*The patients consented to have their pictures published to illustrate each clinical case.


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