Can a gummy smile be fixed? Of course it can!

Can a gummy smile be fixed? Of course it can!

A gummy smile happens when a person shows too much gum when smiling. While this is not an actual health condition, it can affect people’s lives a lot. The truth is that a gummy smile can make people feel self-conscious about their smiles, and this is never good.

Smiling is a very natural reaction, and it should never cause any worry or stress! If we’re happy with the way we physically show our happiness, that in itself will make us happier, that’s what I can tell from my experience as a dentist.

Luckily, a gummy smile can be easily fixed. At the White Clinic® we do it all the time, using a technique called Gingivectomy.

The Gingivectomy is a small and quick intervention that makes a world of difference! It can be done not just because a person has a gummy smile, but it can be also used to reshape the gums if they happen to be malformed.

It’s done by numbing the area and using a scalpel or laser to remove the tissue in excess, and it’s usually a very fast procedure.

Just by redefining the contour of the teeth and removing the excess of gum, we can shape a brighter and whiter smile. It’s amazing how much we can do by doing so little, really.

If you think you may have a gummy smile, talk about this with your doctor and see what he has to tell you.


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