Back from DentalXP Implant Summit and with a new video to prove it

Back from DentalXP Implant Summit and with a new video to prove it

This year’s DentalXP Implant Summit didn’t disappoint, as always. I was invited to lecture last year, and I can say that it gets better every time.

The panel of speakers always includes the top minds in Dentistry nowadays, some of them men and women who have inspired me throughout the years, and who were there with mind blowing lectures. For two days, NYU is the place where the most advanced science and procedures are shown and proven to our community, and this spirit of sharing never ceases to amaze me.

There’s a saying that says it takes a village to raise a kid, and the same can be said to the advances in science and medicine. Our projects and discoveries, together, result in amazing change over the years.

In a way, DentalXP Implant Summit always marks the beginning of a new dental year for me. All these new ideas and technologies really pump me up for what’s coming in the next few months in my job. And I love to go back to White Clinic™ and share what I’ve seen there.

I was lucky to catch up with some friends and mentors while there. Maurice Salama was one of the speakers, and he always inspires me to do bigger and better, that’s for sure. Some of my Portuguese colleagues were also there, and I’m always happy to be with them in these events.

It was a busy weekend, but I managed to film a vlog. I wasn’t able to film the lectures, of course, but I managed to steal James, the event sound engineer, for a bit and show you what goes on backstage. Check it out!

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