Athletes: pretty smile, great performance

Athletes: pretty smile, great performance

Portuguese really love sports and in Portugal football is definitely king! The most read newspaper is A Bola, which is a sports newspaper.

As you know, a few weeks ago I did an interview with Leon McKenzie, so we had the journalists here at the White Clinic®, to discuss how dentistry was improving his athletic performance for his upcoming boxing championship.

However, I took some time to talk to A Bola about how dentistry has improved the performance of some leading athletes in the field of football, not mentioning any names, of course.

But the truth is that if you have infected teeth, gum problems, breathing problems, or any other issues related to the mouth, you have decreased performance and delayed healing when it comes to ligaments and joint problems.

This is all scientifically proven. As a result, the journalists were very interested in seeing how, here at the White Clinic®, for many years now we’ve been helping out athletes improve their performance through advanced dentistry.

We’re glad to help and we wish Portugal the best of luck today!

I’ll leave you with the article. Click on the image to read it.


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