At the GQ Portugal party

At the GQ Portugal party

Yesterday I went to a GQ event at the Skybar, on the rooftop of the Tivoli Hotel, here in Lisbon. It was hosted by José Santana and Sofia Lucas, who are responsible for GQ Portugal. It was the launch of, and it’s incredible, because the Portuguese edition of this magazine, which is well known internationally, is exclusively the responsibility of José and Sofia.

Lately it has been a topic of international acclaim due, to its bold and exciting content. On the cover of this month’s magazine is a young actor, called Lourenço Ortigào.

And we are also proud to say that White Clinic® did its first page of promotion in this edition. So, we are proudly associated with GQ Portugal!

The party was amazing! Lots of beautiful people, lots of actors. I went with my wife Sasha, who looked stunning, and some of my team members were there as well.

Great setting, great evening! I wish GQ all the best in the future, for their wonderful, wonderful work.

Go, GQ Portugal!


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